How the ‘Priceless’ Power of Access gives CENTURY 21 Affiliates the Edge

Published Inman News, June 28, 2021 | by Peter Mosca

In the James Surowiecki book, The Wisdom of Crowds: Why the Many Are Smarter Than the Few and How Collective Wisdom Shapes Business, Economies, Societies and Nations, the author outlines why better decisions and greater outcomes come from the aggregation of information from a group rather than one single member.

For the growth-oriented, independent brokers and agents who proudly call Century 21 Real Estate home, being able to rely on and leverage the knowledge and experiences of hundreds of others like them for critical business challenges—at no cost with zero consulting fees—is truly priceless.

“Obtaining and sharing ‘boots-on-the-ground’ knowledge of how new technologies, recruiting techniques, and sales strategies can keep brokerages relevant in an ever-changing marketplace is an invaluable resource,” said Eli Tene, CENTURY 21 Peak. ” The CENTURY 21 brand fosters this collaboration of sharing resources and experiences. As owners, we build on this culture by encouraging open discussion of success stories as well as challenges that help us in helping our agents find a fast track to success.”

It’s that success that draws independents and other franchise company owners to the CENTURY 21 Network. The power of access to people, similar-sized businesses, and organization leaders who willingly share and openly work towards the greater good and success of others in the C21® Network is the embodiment of the collective wisdom Surowiecki describes. And it’s the impetus behind many of the brand’s top companies to branch out into other profitable and emerging segments of the industry.

Of course, residential real estate is the brand’s most visible arm, but the entrepreneurial endeavors and market inroads made by C21 owners into various other niche segments like CENTURY 21 Fine Homes & Estates, CENTURY 21 Commercial, Hispanic and diversity efforts, and a growing CENTURY 21 Global Referral NetworkSM, is creating more opportunities for growth for both brokers and their agents.

“We have been able to rapidly grow and expand our footprint across multiple states because of the support that exists within the C21 Network. It is an invaluable tool for us as company leaders, and for our agents who have been instrumental in helping us become the number one CENTURY 21® franchise,” added Thomas Bretz, CEO, referring to the company’s 2,300 sales professionals and 100+ offices in Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin. “While the ability to leverage the strength of the CENTURY 21 brand, the industry’s most respected and recognized, has certainly helped grow our company, CENTURY 21 Affiliated owes much of its success to the vast institutional knowledge that accompanies such a powerful network of experienced, dedicated professionals.”

“It’s almost like a fraternity in that no matter where you go or where you’re from, once you meet a colleague, you’ve got a connection,” explained Craig Beggins, broker-owner, CENTURY 21 Beggins Enterprises, Apollo Beach, Florida. “I remember going to China to speak to their National Convention of nearly 4,500 people. I’ve never been kissed and hugged so much by people in gold jackets.”

In fact, the fraternity that started with the recognizable gold jacket began on July 28, 1971, when industry trailblazers Art Bartlett and Marsh Fisher, created Century 21 Real Estate for the sole purpose of galvanizing entrepreneurs and challenging the status quo of real estate. Fifty years later, as the originators of the real estate franchise model and a “half a century of nothing halfway”, the CENTURY 21 system is now the largest global network of approximately 150,000 relentless entrepreneurs conducting business in 13,500 offices in 86 countries and territories.

It’s this present-day version of sharing resources, collaborating on market share and overall growth, and looking at ways to enhance company bottom lines that will collectively lead the CENTURY 21 Network forward to its golden anniversary in 2071, always focusing on its current mission: to defy mediocrity and deliver extraordinary experiences.

“Having access to top minds across the C21 ecosystem is critical to my personal and financial growth,” stressed Greg Harrelson, broker-owner, CENTURY 21 The Harrelson Group, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. “The ability to tap into the brainpower of thousands of minds gives me creative ideas and the confidence needed to execute.”

In a myriad of ways, CENTURY 21 companies from markets both large and small are transforming this industry from transactional to experiential, with a passion for entrepreneurship and unsurpassed expertise in helping individuals and families achieve the dream of homeownership. This is what the brand was founded on, it’s what differentiates the CENTURY 21 Network today, and will do so in the future. Five decades later, entrepreneurs agree that being able to rely on and leverage the minds of hundreds of others like them for advice and support on critical business challenges—at no cost or consulting fee–is a brand value proposition that is priceless. And one that separates it above all other competitors.