Buying Your Home

CENTURY 21® Agent’s experience and knowledge to make a successful home buying offer.

  • Making a Home Buying Offer
      • Purchase contracts vary in length and terms from state to state, and sometimes in a state
      • Multiple offers on the same home are not uncommon
      • Your real estate professional is often best placed to present the offer and help with negotiation and strategy
      • Your CENTURY 21® real estate professional can help you find out what other homes have sold for in the area, required repairs or renovations.
      • You should consider the condition of the house and the market
    • Know your ceiling, it’s advisable to have credit pre-approval

TIP: The value or disadvantage of certain features can help or hurt resale. In some areas, a swimming pool actually detracts from a home’s value, and makes it harder to sell. In neighborhoods with two-car, attached garages, a single-car or detached garage may affect the home sale and future value.

  • Applying for a loan
    • Purchase contracts vary in length and terms from state to state, and sometimes in a state. Here are the high-level loan application steps:

Prepare required documents:

    • Two years of employment history, current employment status and salary are needed. Employment letters can be used to explain gaps in employment.
    • Two years of W-2s (this does not apply if self-employed) and tax returns allow the lender to be sure that your salary is high enough to make the mortgage payments every month.
    • Most recent pay stubs for the last 30 days tell the lender that you’re still earning money similar to the amount on your tax returns. (This does not apply if self-employed, but the lender will likely require a profit and loss statement.)
    • List of assets, including bank statements, let the lender know that you have the money to cover the down payment, closing costs and a reasonable emergency. 
    • Get pre-approved in as little as 24 hours. Once your loan application is submitted, you should receive your pre-qualification in as little as 24 hours. Peak Finance Company have the expertise, tools and programs to turn you into a homeowner. Apply online now
  • There is also the option to buy a home with cash