Home Not Selling? Here’s What to Do.

If a home sits on the market for more than 90 days, it’s regarded as “stale.” So what can you do to generate interest for your sellers? The following tips can help a home not selling catch the public eye.

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  • Talk to the sellers about lowering the asking price. If the sellers have decided on a price that isn’t realistic, it’s important to get them to lower their expectations. Show them the prices of homes that have sold in the area and compare them to their home not selling. In addition, take the condition of the home into account. If it needs upgrading or work done, buyers will take that into consideration when assessing the price.
  • Stage the Home. If the home not selling hasn’t been professionally staged, now’s the time. A professional stager can make the home more attractive to prospective buyers by highlighting its positive features and giving the home a more appealing look and feel.
  • Improve the listing. Once the home not selling has been staged, take new photographs and add them to the listing. You can also create a video walkthrough of the home to generate more interest. 
  • Arrange more open houses. This can attract more buyers if you opt for a range of times, for example on the weekends and in the early evenings. 
  • Be present for every viewing. US News advises that if you don’t prepare the home before every viewing, it can look dark and vacant. Make sure to arrive early to open the drapes and air the home out before the buyers arrive. 
  • Temporarily take the home off the market. According to Trulia, in some cases, a home not selling is due to timing. If it’s a buyer’s market and the sellers are flexible, taking the home off the market until conditions improve can be a good idea. 

Selling a stale listing isn’t impossible, but it can be challenging. So take the time to assess why the home isn’t selling, and discuss the best strategy with your clients before taking any action.