Where Will My Cat Poop? Advice For Homeowners With Pets

When you are looking for a new home, it’s important to consider not only your needs, but the needs of your fur babies, and any fur babies you are considering bringing into your family in the future. There is a lot of advice for homeowners with pets out there. So, sorting through it all can prove quite a challenge. Our guide breaks down just the most important points for you to keep in mind.

You should be thinking about: 

  • Yard space for active dogs 
  • The location of your cat’s litter 
  • HOA rules and restrictions (if applicable) 

Practical Advice for Homeowners with Pets

If you have a puppy, or are thinking about adopting one, you are probably conscious of the fact that accidents happen. This is also something to be mindful of if you have an older dog, or a dog with anxiety. If this is the case:  

  • Go for vinyl flooring instead of hardwood, as it is less easily damaged by pet urine 
  • Invest in a high-quality carpet steamer that can quickly remove stains and smells 
  • Think about areas that could be gated off, giving your best friends room to roam but keeping them out of areas where they could do damage or come to harm 

Feline Friends 

Cats are considered low maintenance pets, but they still benefit from having an enriching environment. Also, they value their privacy at certain times of day and when partaking in certain activities.  

Cats like: 

  • The ability to climb, either on a well-placed cat tree or purpose-built shelving 
  • Places they feel secure, such as a cat cave or cozy basket  
  • Things to scratch 
  • Privacy when using the litter box 

When you are touring homes, think about places your cat could hang out, whether there is a large window to let in sunlight for them to lay in, and a view of wildlife like birds or squirrels to keep them entertained.  

Safety for Your Pets

You love your fur babies and want to keep them safe. So it’s important to consider what potential dangers there are in a new home like: 

  • Nearby roads that have a lot of traffic 
  • Unsecured balconies 
  • Wildlife like coyotes or raccoons that either prey on domesticated animals or may become defensive if they encounter them  

It’s good to understand your pet’s behaviors in order to predict what may happen if they do manage to escape. Do they hide in small spaces? Are they likely to stray far? What treats might coax them out of hiding?   

Pets Are Family 

Your pets an important part of your family, so don’t be afraid to mention them to your C21 realtor when you are discussing your needs. Ask in advance if dogs are welcome when you tour properties and find out if pets have lived on the property before. You may find out that someone has already solved the problem of where your cat should poop and has installed a cat door for that very purpose! 

You, Your Pets, & Your Agents

We love pets at Century 21 Peak and would love to hear about their needs as we guide you through the homebuying process. In addition to advice for homeowners with pets, we provide a fully-tailored experience to always match your homebuying goals.